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Facebook social responsibility by Antonio Vives abril 28, 2018

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Regarding recent scandals and the search for solutions

Faced with recent scandals regarding the use of personal information about millions of Facebook users to tailor electoral propaganda in United States and to influence the vote regarding Great Britain exit from the European Union, it is worth asking which is Facebook responsibility to society and its users. In this scandal, the main user of, allegedly private, information, was the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica on behalf of clients that included people and institutions that wanted to favor one side in United States elections and in the Brexit vote (in this article, we do not analyze Cambridge Analytica irresponsibility).

Much will be argued whether what this company and Facebook did was illegal, but what is true is that it is illegitimate and very likely unethical. And here is the crux of the matter. Which is Facebook responsibility to society? Abide by the law? Last April 10th, in his testimony before United States Congress, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder, apologized and acknowledged the mistakes; he said: “We did not take a broad enough vision of our responsibility and that was our big mistake.”

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