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Living beyond consumer culture octubre 2, 2012

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A growing number of people are choosing to reduce and restrain their consumption – not out of sacrifice or deprivation, but in order to be free, happy, and fulfilled in a way that consumer culture rarely permits. By limiting their working hours, spending their money frugally and conscientiously, growing their own vegetables, sharing skills and assets, riding bikes, rejecting high-fashion, and generally celebrating life outside the shopping mall, these people are new pioneers transitioning to a form of life beyond consumer culture.

This post-consumerist social movement is exemplifying an ‘economics of sufficiency,’ one that seeks to attain ‘enough’ to live well, while resisting the counter-productive urge to increase consumption without limit. Given that overconsumption is the driving force behind many of today’s social and ecological crises, the emergence of a social movement that is increasing social wellbeing by embracing sufficiency in consumption is an omen whose potential can hardly be overstated